K. Gretchen Greene

A blank sheet of steel fills the room. I write and paint with fire. A sweeping gesture, etched. A graceful intersection. Fragments of connected memories. Reflections. I carve undulating edges, like fractal coastlines or coral reefs, revisited and refined. Silver, bronze and cobalt tones mark the passage of time. Waves and canyons. Poised on the edge. Seeking the limits of the tools and material. I bend steel to my will – heating, hammering, curling, overlapping and interlocking. I strive to create life. Energy. I am a mathematician. I am a ship designer, a Hollywood animator and a cave explorer. I am a print-maker, a traditional Chinese painter and a cut paper artist. I am a carpenter and a jackhammer operator. I am a writer and a lawyer. I am a daughter, a sister, a lover and a friend. I am a sculptor. And in that work, I see all the other things I am, all the other things I’ve done. As I carve and twist steel, face covered in soot, scraps of golden steel at my feet, I know I’m home.


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