Markus Haase

Combining a mastery of traditional sculpting techniques with a contemporary approach to material-driven art and design, Markus Haase creates unique, bespoke, sculptural furniture and lighting pieces exclusively for Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary. For over a decade, Haase trained with Europe’s most prestigious master stone carvers while restoring centuries-old Gothic cathedrals across Northern Germany, including St. Johannis in Göttingenm, St. Michaelis in Hildesheimm, and Beate Mariae Virginis in Woldenbüttel. These diverse experiences combined with a fresh and impressive sense of design allow Haase to realize some of the most intriguing and unique forms in sculptural furniture art today.

From cantilevered consoles to wall-appliqués, Haase demonstrates his virtuosity of materials through his aptitude to imbue wood and stone, separately or together, with an almost preternatural sense of fluidity and movement. His dynamic light sculptures define new artistry of the 21st century: they utilize today’s greatest dimmable LED technology, while remaining handmade by a studio artist singular in his production of each work. “Markus Haase is not making a piece of furniture that looks like art,” says Todd Merrill, “He is a sculpture making art that serves functional ends.”

In 2013, Haase formally launched his first series of sculptural furniture exclusively with Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary at the IFAAD. Since then, his work has been exhibited at prestigious art fairs worldwide, including: The Salon: Art + Design (New York), Collective Design (New York), Pavilion of Arts and Design (Paris, London, New York), FOG: Design + Art (San Francisco), Spring Masters (New York), amongst others. Today, Haase works on a commission basis with the gallery, wherein custom dimensionality as well as materials and finishes may be accommodated for a bespoke piece or grand installation. Haase’s work is sought after and commissioned by today’s top architects, designers, and collectors worldwide for both private and public prestigious collections and projects.


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