Vladimir Kagan, Three-Piece Omnibus Sectional, USA, 1970s

Vladimir Kagan, Three-Piece Omnibus Sectional, USA, 1970s

Vladimir Kagan, Three-Piece Omnibus Sectional, USA, 1970s

Comprised of three parts – An L-shaped sofa, a V-shaped sofa and a High-Low, the Vladimir Kagan Ominbus Sofa traces its roots to the Bauhaus and the concept of form following function. The individual sofa sections may be arranged as one large piece as pictured separately.  Accompanying the matching two sofa pieces is the “High-Low” a common component of Kagan’s playground like Omnibus.  Each component has a front section resting on electrically powered illuminated lucite panels, appearing cantilevered and giving levity and lightness to contrast its bold and wide form.

Originally designed in the late 1960s after the success of the Serpentine Sofa, the Ominbus became the focal point of Kagan’s career for the next decade.  A fusion of more than thirty components the modular, multi-leveled furniture could meander throughout a room, providing perches at different levels for lounging. Each of the sections of Kagan’s hallmark design is interchangeable and multidirectional creating endless combinations of seating.

The entire Omnibus has been newly reupholstered in a beautiful grey Romo woven wool, linen and cotton from the Taliesin collection.

Individual Sections

60” W x 60” D x 29” H

102” L x 42”D x 29” H

77” L x 38” H x 49” W

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