Emanuel Araujo, Wall Sculpture, Brazil, c. 1981

Emanuel Araujo, Wall Sculpture, Brazil, c. 1981

Emanuel Araujo, Wall Sculpture, Brazil, c. 1981

Emanuel Araujo Wall Sculpture Brazil – Todd Merrill

A Three-Dimensional Red, Black and Brown Wall Sculpture by Emanoel Araújo, Brazil, 1981.

This sculpture is constructed of papier mache over a wood frame and painted matte red, black and brown. Geometric shapes intertwine and bend at sharp angles forming a dynamic visual field. It is supported by a wood frame, signed and dated on the reverse.

Emanoel Araújo was born in Santo Amaro City, Brazil in 1940 and studied both painting and carpentry in the 1950s in Santo Amaro and Salvador. He also served as the Director of the Museo de Arte de Bahia from 1981-1983. He has been the recipient of the inaugural award of the Associação Paulista de Críticos de Arte (APCA) São Paul and was a visiting professor and artist in resident at City College, City University of New York in 1989. He served as the director of the Pinocoteca do Estado from 1992-2002. In 2004 he served as director and curator of the Museum Afro-Brazil. His work is in numerous private collections around the world.

Excellent original condition.

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LENGTH: 30 in. (76 cm) DEPTH: 9 in. (23 cm) HEIGHT: 43 in. (109 cm)


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