Erin Sullivan, Bubble Table, USA, 2015

Erin Sullivan, Bubble Table, USA, 2015

Erin Sullivan, Bubble Table, USA, 2015

Inspired by the natural beauty of geodes and pyrite, Erin Sullivan’s Bubble Table is composed of a gleaming pair of solid bronze towers. Each mound of bubbles rests between three smooth bronze plains; experienced differently from every angle at which the viewer stands, the sleekness of its flat parts contrasts to the globulous ones that appear to overflow and cascade upon the ground. At once a sculptural work of art and functional object, the Bubble can be reconfigured in various ways, from free standing pillars or to form a console, dining, or coffee table base.

Through a labor intensive process, Sullivan implements the highest quality lost wax casting techniques to create exquisite, bronze interpretations of organic subject matter. After sculpting models using wax reproductions made from a natural objects, Sullivan creates molds of the final model from which a wax positive is produced. Once this wax is “chased” or reworked with great attention, “gates” or wax rods are attached to create channels through which the molten bronze will travel. The whole structure is then dipped, poured, devested, sandblasted, welded, chased, re-detailed, polished and patinated. This time consuming process produces the finest quality, beautiful bronze work.

As Sullivan works on a commission basis, custom dimensionality as well as finishes may be accommodated for a bespoke version.

Base 28”H x 15”W x 15”D

Pictured Glass:  42”W x 82”L x 1.5” glass



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