Marc Fish, Laminaria, UK, 2015

Marc Fish, Laminaria, UK, 2015

Marc Fish, Laminaria, UK, 2015

Marc Fish’s handmade, unique sculptural console is created from nearly 400 pieces of American Black Walnut veneer.  This work showcases Fish’s incredible mastery of the most refined practices in micro stack-lamination today, implementing no heat but only cold carving techniques.Manipulated into sinuous layered shapes, the wood has been hand-carved, sanded, polished, and  finished with oil and wax. Inspired by marine life, this latest piece takes inspiration from twisted seaweed forms, as its title Laminaria, a genus of seaweed, suggests.  At once unique sculpture and functional console,  the sinuous and delicate object reveals the artist’s hand at work, while exuding a seemingly organic, unprecedented form.
As Marc Fish works on a commission basis as well, custom dimensionality as well as finishes may be accommodated for a bespoke, hand-carved piece.
 41 1/2″ H x 106″ W x 25 1/2″ D

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