Gareth Neal, Oak Vessels, UK, 2013

Gareth Neal, Oak Vessels, UK, 2013

Gareth Neal, Oak Vessels, UK, 2013

Gareth Neal Oak Vessels

In the same style as Neal’s George III (permanent collection, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London),  the artist’s pair of unique oak vessels pay homage to historic design while showcasing new innovations in wood carving and sculpting.

Across his repertoire, Neal combines the technical modes of 3D computer drawing and CNC processes with the intricacy of professional craftsmanship and hand-carving techniques. Contrasting the geometrical oak striae,  sinuous curves evocative of 18th century decorative arts are revealed. While curved and linear parts offer a harmonious balance, the hand-chipped evidence of the artist’s hand at work in conjunction with technologically advanced techniques also provide aesthetic and conceptual equilibrium.  Neal’s work can be seen as “contemporary relics”, reawakening interest in the historic while offering a whole new approach to contemporary art design.

Currently, Neal is collaborating with Zaha Hadid on a line of innovative sculptures inspired by ancient vessels.

Gareth Neal (born 1974) graduated in 1996 from the Buckinghamshire College, High Wycombe, England, with a BA in furniture design and craftsmanship. In 2002 he set up his furniture design practice in London’s East End, specializing in one-of-a-kind pieces for private and commercial clients. Neal’s work resides across museum, private, and public collections worldwide. Neal has been a lecturer at many universities including his alma mater, Buckinghamshire College, and at Brighton University where he is a Senior Design lecturer and researcher.

As the artist works on a commission basis, custom dimensionality as well as finishes may be accommodated for a bespoke piece.

Dimensions: 18″ H x 8″ W x 8″ D

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Gareth Neal








CNC milled and carved oak



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