Hanna Eshel, Going Through, USA, 1977

Hanna Eshel, Going Through, USA, 1977

Hanna Eshel, Going Through, USA, 1977

Hanna Eshel is an internationally renowned artist whose work has evolved over many years. Born in Jerusalem in 1926, Eshel first studied at the Bezalel School of Art. Eshel moved to Paris in 1952, completing advanced studies in painting and fresco at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière and the École des Beaux-Arts, where she was awarded the first prize in the Concours de France. It was during her twenty-year period in France that she created the majority of her oil paintings, paper collages, and burlap collages.

As Eshel’s art grew increasingly three-dimensional, she began to experiment with sculpture. Her search for a material with soul is what brought her to Carrara, Italy. Eshel’s proposed two-month sojourn in Carrara became six years after she fell in love with marble. In her 1996 autobiography, “Michelangelo and Me: Six Years in My Carrara Haven,” she tells the story of her relationship with marble and how she learned to work with the stone at the Atelier Nicoli. This work exhibits skills the artist gained during her time in Carrara, Italy.

Hanna Eshel’s art has been exhibited in several salons in Paris and many of her sculptures are on permanent display in Israel.

Dimensions: 41” H  x 17” L  x 32” W

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