Marc Fish, Aluminum “One Piece” Low Table, UK, 2017

Marc Fish, Aluminum “One Piece” Low Table, UK, 2017

Marc Fish, Aluminum “One Piece” Low Table, UK, 2017

The One Piece Low Table is the latest in the “One Piece” series, wherein Fish explores the positive and negative space that a single piece of oak can occupy. The low table is made from nearly 600 pieces of oak timber veneers, manipulated into shape, hand-carved, and then sanded until smooth.  Alongside the oak, aluminum and squid ink dye are used to create the exquisite textures of the ceruse that highlight the wood’s grain and follow the tables curves

Marc Fish is constantly striving to transcend the barriers of art, design, sculpture and furniture. His sublimely unique works possess a timelessness that could be found seamlessly in the most contemporary of settings to the most traditional.  Exploring the Victorian obsession with natural history these one of a kind pieces are created through an incredible mastery of the most refined practices in micro stack-lamination today.  While the curvilinear forms of Fish’s works harken back to Art Nouveau his process pushes the limits of 21st Century furniture design.

Dimensions: 19 H x 62 W x 40 D inches

Materials: oak, aluminum, squid ink dye


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