Marc Fish, Babel, UK, 2010

Marc Fish, Babel, UK, 2010

Marc Fish, Babel, UK, 2010

Marc Fish’s bar-cabinet “Babel” is a unique work of art that asserts Marc Fish as one of the most talented artists working with wood today. Fish has developed a propriety technique whereby he carves sycamore to create a cocoon, or shell-like, structure. “Babel” opens to reveal a bronze lined interior with textured glass shelves. The cabinet, like Marc’s other recent pieces, “Mollusque” and “Nautilus,” was inspired by the intricate shapes in the structures of shells. A more romantic interpretation of this piece can be a pea pod that is opened to reveal its seeds.

Marc Fish and the ‘robinson house studio’ have quickly achieved international acclaim. The limited nature of the Signature series (only one new design is produced each year), and all made by hand, makes his work highly collectable. The artist is constantly striving to blur the traditional boundaries of furniture, art, design and sculpture: “it is not my intention to be allocated a particular style or to be described within a preconceived discipline. I want my work to transcend these barriers” His pieces are not constructed using a rigid design process, they are the result of an evolution of ideas: an initial concept comes together in a process of innovation and experimentation.

Last year Fish was awarded the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers’ highest award: the Claxton Stevens Award. L’Orchidée, completed in 2010 was awarded a Guild Mark and then the Claxton Stevens Award; which is given to the best Guild Mark piece of any given year. Recently Marc Fish’s work has achieved substantial success at auction with the October 2012 sale of his “Nautilus” table at Christies, UK.

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87” x 18” – open width 47”

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