Marc Fish, Bronze “One Piece” Chair, UK, 2016

Marc Fish, Bronze “One Piece” Chair, UK, 2016

Marc Fish, Bronze “One Piece” Chair, UK, 2016

Seemingly uid and weightless, the structure of Fish’s One Piece Chair twists and bends upon itself. At once a unique, undulating sculpture and a functional seating option, the sinuous object is an organic and unprecedented form, its delicate design revealing the artist’s ingenuity. Similar in spirit to the works in Fish’s Laminaria Series, the One Piece Chair resembles a ribbon of seaweed, preserved in time. The exquisite textures that follow the console’s curves are underscored by Fish’s use of the squid ink dye and his exclusive mixture of bronze and resin.

While sculpture and architecture provide stimulation for his inimitable outlook, it is the design process itself that has inspired and propelled the success of Fish’s latest body of works: the One Piece Series. Each of the works in the One Piece series begins as a single board that is shaved into hundreds of paper thin laminations. By stack laminating the pieces together Fish creates the primary shape of the work. It is then bent without heat, steam, or water preserving the integrity of wood. Fish handsculpts the work into its natural form before applying artisan finishing materials and techniques such as ceruse, resin and metal compounds, or clear acrylic resin.

Invention rather than inspiration is the genesis of the One Piece Series. Fish extrodinary techniques allow him to explore the positive and negative space that a single piece of wood can occupy.

Each of the designs in the One Piece Series is completely unique and created in a limited number of 25, while custom dimensions can be accommodated for a bespoke piece.

Dimensions: 40″ L x 47″ H x 19.5″ W

Materials: oak, bronze, squid ink dye


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