Marc Fish, Erosion Vessels, UK, 2016

Marc Fish, Erosion Vessels, UK, 2016

Marc Fish, Erosion Vessels, UK, 2016

Marc Fish’s hand-made, unique vessels are each created from 600 layers of wood veneer that have been laser cut and reassembled to form a shape evocative of an ancient vase. Best described as “contemporary relics”, the works both conceptually and aesthetically link the past and the present by a deterioration and re-creation. Historically inspired by ancient pottery, they implement unprecedented sculpting techniques evocative of modern day technology, yielding a fresh and unprecedented aesthetic.  Sold as a group of three, each vessel features a unique level of “decay.”

Fish explains: “the vessels explore the notion of found, ancient objects being recreated with modern and traditional craftsmanship.” Showcasing Fish’s incredible mastery of the most refined practices in  micro stack-lamination today, they are made without heat, but cold-carving and laser cutting technology.

 11.2 x 7.5 inches

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