Marc Fish, Smoke Erosion Vessel, UK, 2017

Marc Fish, Smoke Erosion Vessel, UK, 2017

Marc Fish, Smoke Erosion Vessel, UK, 2017

Marc Fish’s Smoke Erosion Vessel follows the tradition of Fish’s celebrated Erosion Vessel Series.  These hand-made, unique vessels are each created from 600 layers of wood veneer that have been laser cut and reassembled to form a shape evocative of an ancient vase. Best described as “contemporary relics”, the works both conceptually and aesthetically link the past and the present by a deterioration and re-creation. Historically inspired by ancient pottery, they implement unprecedented sculpting techniques evocative of modern day technology, yielding a fresh and unprecedented aesthetic.

The Smoke Erosion Vessel is finished in the style of “show sugi ban” a Japanese technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire. The vessel’s charred surface further extends the “relic” theme.  Contrasting the dark, matte surface of the vessel, the unexpected interior is gilded in glowing brass employing a process unique to the artist.

Fish explains: “the vessels explore the notion of found, ancient objects being recreated with modern and traditional craftsmanship.” Showcasing Fish’s incredible mastery of the most refined practices in  micro stack-lamination today, they are made without heat, but cold-carving and laser cutting technology.

 11.2 x 7.5 inches

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