Markus Haase, Pair of Venus Wall Appliqués, USA, 2016

Markus Haase, Pair of Venus Wall Appliqués, USA, 2016

Markus Haase, Pair of Venus Wall Appliqués, USA, 2016

Markus Haase seamlessly combines stone and wood in fluid compositions in his breakthrough series of unique, bespoke art furniture and light sculptures.  Inspired by nature and the human form, Haase’s light sculptures are powered by today’s top LED technology, lending a warm, perennial glow that emits softly through the stone. Even when unlit, the unique, hand-made onyx and bleached ash light sculpture retains its luminescent quality and serves as a unique mounted sculpture.

As the ancient Greek stone masters turned to the ideal human form to depict their  gods and goddesses,  Haase reignites the tradition with a contemporary aesthetic that is all his own.

Haase’s twenty-five years of experience as a sculptor are evident in the refined craftsmanship of his work; while each piece made with the same mastery and attention to detail employed in his conservation projects of Europe’s most revered cathedrals, Haase also combines contemporary approach to both design and technology.

As Haase works on a commission basis, custom dimensionality as well as materials can be accommodate for a bespoke light sculpture, console, table, or other furniture object. Gaining critical attention from the most renowned designers and collectors today, Haase”s work is currently being commissioned worldwide and exhibited at art fairs internationally.

41″ H x 10″ W x 3 1/2″ D

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Markus Haase


Pair of Venus Wall Appliqués






Bleached Ash and Onyx, LEDs

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