Markus Haase, The Crossover Table in Walnut, USA, 2014

Markus Haase, The Crossover Table in Walnut, USA, 2014

Markus Haase, The Crossover Table in Walnut, USA, 2014

With the Crossover Table, Markus Haase demonstrates his masterful ability to imbue wood and stone with an almost preternatural sense of fluidity and movement. Haase’s two decades of experience as a sculptor are evident in his masterful treatment of materials. Here, walnut and marble wrap around each other in a sweeping, interlocking gesture, as the rich color of wood contrasts with the elegant brightness of marble.

Haase’s sculptural pieces of furniture are works of art; his chairs, tables, sconces, and consoles grow from the ground as if animated waves or columns of smoke. As Todd Merrill explains, “Markus Haase is not making a piece of furniture that looks like art. He is a sculptor making art that serves functional ends.”

Haase’s inaugural furniture series is the result of years of sketching, sculpting, and pent-up creativity. Haase was formally educated and apprenticed as a stone sculptor in Germany.  There, he developed his eye for organic forms and his virtuosity with diverse materials.  By day, Haase used his sculpting skills to restore centuries-old Gothic cathedrals; by night, he employed the same skills to explore contemporary sculptural form. From architectural restoration to modernist sculpture, Haase brings a wide variety of techniques and perspectives to the first functional series of his career.

Dimensions: 24″ H x 26″ D x 25″ W

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