Niamh Barry, Binary IV, IRE, 2016

Niamh Barry, Binary IV, IRE, 2016

Niamh Barry, Binary IV, IRE, 2016

Niamh Barry’s Binary series references a system of objects in space, two floating entities in such close contact their gravitational interaction causes them to orbit around a common center of mass. As shown, Binary IV is composed of mirror polished and patinated hand-formed bronze rings. Barry’s signature curvilinear forms  feature hand-cut opal glass tiles that cover strips LED lights, emitting a warm, perennial glow. Experienced differently from every angle at which the viewer stands, Binary IV not only suggests movement, but elicits our own motion around it in order to experience the piece from every angle.  The pictured light sculpture is the fourth of the Binary series, a unique custom piece created within Barry’s commission-based program.  A bespoke version of this piece may be made to order with custom dimensionality and finishes. Please contact [email protected] for details and pricing. 

Niamh Barry was born in 1968 in Dublin, Ireland where she still works and lives. In 1991 upon graduation from the National College of Art and Design, Barry established her studio and started to make unique conceptual furniture and light sculptures from a range of materials that has included aluminum, porcelain, linen, mirror, and acrylic as well as wood,  black patinated solid hand-formed bronze, mirror-polished hand-formed bronze, and Murano glass. In her signature work, visual weight and movement are a constant theme.  All custom pieces are available with dimmable LED lighting.

Barry’s work is included in many public and private collections nationally and internationally, including the Four Seasons Hotel, Ritz Carlton,  Candy and Candy, Merrion Hotel, Shelbourne Hotel, Finchatton, and U2.

84 1/2 ” W x 41″ H x 67″ D


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