Otis and Otis, Raw Steel and LED Convex Mirror, USA, 2017

Otis and Otis, Raw Steel and LED Convex Mirror, USA, 2017

Otis and Otis, Raw Steel and LED Convex Mirror, USA, 2017

This unique mirrored sconce by artist Casey Otis for Otis and Otis has alternating convex and concave surfaces that highlight the subtle textural play of materials that his work is known for.  The body of the piece, which is razed from mild steel, features a raw etched finish that creates a rough matte texture with a velvety effect.  This highlights the subtle color and texture changes caused by the partial oxidation of the steel, which was rapidly corroded, stripping away the surface layer and revealing the hidden grain present in materials from the mill. LEDs imbedded behind the hand-distressed convex mirror create a subtle halo of dimmable light. The backside of the sconce, finished in an organic rust, cleverly balance the sconce’s rich, warm copper glow.

Otis and Otis is the design work of Casey Otis.Casey is a New York City designer who works primarily in metal.  His designs feature the expressiveness of their materials as a defining element, making use of raw forms and textures created by the action of partially controlled forces.  Natural processes, such as weathering, corrosion, melting, and decomposition, are used in or inspire many of his pieces.  Casey works with an attentive eye towards the natural shapes and forms that this kind of action can create or respond to and an appreciation of how the interaction of forces and materials is affected by minor differences in things like shape, orientation, composition and intensity. This awareness is used to cultivate and develop the action of entropic forces to create beautiful raw forms or effects.  These results are incorporated into designed objects using spare additional elements with the goal of creating functional objects that express the materials and process used to create them.

An appreciation of the beauty found in the natural and manmade world is a happy benefit of this sort of approach and the wider world is a continuing source of inspiration.

Casey studied at Haverford College and Pratt Institute earning a degree in Construction Management.  He has a background in construction and architectural metal work.

Mild steel, mirror

30 x 30 x 9 in

Available in custom sizes and materials.  Also shown with copper gilding.

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