Sophie Coryndon, Honeymoon, UK, 2016

Sophie Coryndon, Honeymoon, UK, 2016

Sophie Coryndon, Honeymoon, UK, 2016

Honeymoon, a cast bronze sphere with a honeycomb texture, is the first in a series based on eighteenth-century witch balls. Spinning like a disco mirror ball, Honeymoon is suspended and lit from within using LED lights. It rotates on a vertical axis, producing a pattern of lights when lit internally and reflecting its intricate texture when lit externally. Coryndon became interested in bees after learning about the current global crisis facing the insects. In an effort to capture abandoned “ghost ship hives,” Coryndon employs the lost-wax method, an ancient and labor-intensive technique. As the artist works on a commission basis, Honeymoon may be scaled up or down and patinated in any combination of metal colors. Exhibited on its own or in a group, Honeymoon is a mesmerizing work.

Coryndon’s work, inspired by elements of the natural world, is rooted in historical aesthetics. Coryndon especially draws inspiration from the influential Omega Workshops, continuing their quiet revolution aimed to remove the divisions between the decorative and fine arts. Imaginative and innovative, Coryndon has forged a successful career of combining traditional craft skills and specialist finishing techniques in a fine art realm, pushing the boundaries between decorative and fine art. She has found a large audience with collectors and designers internationally.

Dimensions: 24” H x 24” W x 24” D

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