Yard Sale Project, Blackened Walnut Chaise, UK, 2017

Yard Sale Project, Blackened Walnut Chaise, UK, 2017

Yard Sale Project, Blackened Walnut Chaise, UK, 2017

A unique, material-driven sculptural chair by Ian Spencer and Cairn Young of Yard Sale Project, Chaise One explores new possibilities and shapes inherent within wood. At once made for and inspired by the human form, the solid French Walnut hand-carved chair is fit with one arm that melts into a sleek, curving body. Through its offset position and gloriously oversized proportions, it echoes and adds to the play of cantilevers within its form.  The exterior of the chaise gives the sculptural piece added dimension as light bounces off the often reflective charred surface of the wood highlighting the wood’s natural grain.

The use of French walnut is both aesthetic and pragmatic. Rich in color and texture, walnut is also a relatively lightweight wood, with superb strength to weight ratio, and an ability to be finished to a very high quality. The Dordogne region of France, famed for its walnut production, has trees being planted, farmed and harvested over many centuries. The trees this chair was made from were all over 100 year old farming trees that had reached the end of their working life, and were cared for and harvested within a sustainable farming model. The wood is finished using the “Shou-Sugi-Ban” method,  an ancient Japanese finishing technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire.  The process involves charring the wood, cooling it, cleaning it, and finishing it with a natural oil. This charred surface is rot, pest, weather, UV, and fire resistant, in addition to being aesthetically unique, striking, and beautiful.  

The chair is made from blocks of Walnut glued with epoxy resin for maximum strength, and reinforced with four steel braces hidden within the form.
As Yard Sale Project also works on a commission basis, a custom version of Chaise One can be commissioned.
61 1/2″ L x 38″ W x 51″ D


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French Walnut, epoxy resin glue, internal steel struts, finished with two part polyurethane lacquer.


Yard Sale Project


United Kingdom


Chaise One

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