Erin Sullivan

Erin Sullivan

Todd Merrill Studio has represented New York artist Erin Sullivan since 2013. Sullivan works primarily in bronze to create unique, material-driven studio pieces inspired by landscape and organic, undomesticated life forms. The artist was drawn to bronze due to its association with the concepts of time and memory. Bronze’s ability to withstand the test of time, surviving for millennia, adds a poetic and profound dimension to Sullivan’s creative process. It allows her to imbue her sculptures with a sense of lasting significance and historical resonance.

Under the representation of Todd Merrill Studio, Sullivan creates customizable sculptural furniture pieces using a complex process of three-dimensional assemblage and sculpting. Employing advanced casting techniques, Sullivan constructs exquisite, realistic bronze interpretations of her organic subject matter.

At once functional objects and works of art, Sullivan’s pieces are defined by their intricate surfaces and the versatility of their forms; a solid bronze table base may be used as a decorative pillar, a console, a low table base, or a freestanding sculpture. Her repertoire presents a visual, elegant equilibrium between artifact and nature and art and design.

Sullivan’s repertoire strikes a visual balance between the realms of artifacts and nature, as well as between art and design. Her sculptures manage to capture the essence of natural forms while seamlessly blending artistic expression with functional utility. This equilibrium between art and design, along with her meticulous craftsmanship, sets Sullivan’s work apart and contributes to her reputation as an accomplished artist in the industry.

Sullivan holds degrees from Sarah Lawrence College, where she studied religion, movement, and aesthetics, and from the University of Chile, where she studied fine arts. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and private collections around the world.

As Sullivan is available on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.


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