Paul Laszlo

Paul Laszlo


Paul Laszlo (1900-1993) is best known for his inimitable personal style of elegant modernism. Born at the height of the Belle Epoque, Laszlo sidestepped the popular schools of the Wiener Werkstätte and the Bauhaus that had dominated the design world during the years he worked in Europe. Before immigrating to Los Angeles, Laszlo gained a reputation in Vienna and Stuttgart as a prodigious architect and designer. Laszlo’s European sensibility left an imprint on California design, contributing to the development of a new “California Modern” style. With a reputation for producing custom furniture of the highest quality, Laszlo had a productive and remarkably long career that lasted almost sixty years.

Typical of California design, Laszlo used a great deal of glass and wood in his works. His interpretation of modernism was neither hard-edged nor linear, instead incorporating traces of a softening traditionalism. His furniture was notably comfortable, often featuring bold color schemes and sumptuous textures including lacquer, veneer, marble, brick, flagstone, gold leaf, and hand-woven fabrics. Laszlo’s distinctive furnishings present a harmonious blend of traditional and forward-thinking, modern attributes.

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