Paul Evans, Argente Disc Bar, USA, c. 1968

Paul Evans, Argente Disc Bar, USA, c. 1968

Paul Evans, Argente Disc Bar, USA, c. 1968

One of the most important of all of Evans’ works, this museum quality Argente Disc Bar is a singular master work, being the only known disc bar made in aluminum in the Argente style. The bar is in outstanding original condition, with a perfectly preserved exterior and interior. The bold decoration, with classic Argente curvilinear lines and lively surface textures, is remarkable for its dynamic and highly reflective silver against stark black, successfully achieving Evans’ ambition to create a “flat piece that gives a feeling of depth.”

The interior of this disc bar is finished in a striated red stain, a quintessential Evans application. Five open shelves provide generous storage space, while a small drawer and lockable cabinet are faced with a patchwork collage of brushed aluminum shingles.

Typical disc bars were made in Sculpted Bronze, an Evans proprietary material and technique that incorporated epoxy resin mixed with sand and stones, then sprayed with melted atomized bronze. Each of these bar cabinets were hand-sculptured unique works, however until the discovery of this Argente masterwork, no aluminum bar was known to exist.

Dimensions:  72″ H x  72″ W x 17″ D inches


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Dimensions 42 × 21 × 30.5 in

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