Paul Evans Free Form Sculpted Bronze Wall-mounted Console, USA, c. 1970s

Paul Evans Free Form Sculpted Bronze Wall-mounted Console, USA, c. 1970s

Paul Evans Free Form Sculpted Bronze Wall-mounted Console, USA, c. 1970s

This console Free Form Sculpted Bronze Wall-mounted Console by Paul Evans represents the Sculpted Bronze series at it’s most artistic and unique. Two other documented pieces relate directly to this console. The first is a monumental version of this console that is part of the collection of entertainer Lenny Kravitz. The second is a large wall light that is featured in “Paul Evans Crossing Boundaries and Crafting Modernism” at the James A. Michener Museum and Cranbrook Art Museum retrospective on Evans and is published on page 178 of the exhibition catalogue.

According to Connie Kimmerle, curator at the Michener Museum, “the Sculpted Bronze technique combined traditional craft with innovative techniques and materials and spontaneous free expression. This experimental technique involved applying epoxy resin over the plywood base; the resin was then sculpted in a freehand form, sandblasted, and coated with atomized bronze.”

The Kravitz version of this wall-mounted commode was described by Kimmerle as a “custom commissioned hanging commode with sprouting appendages that seems poised to float in space.”

This is Evans’ work at his best combining a material and technique never seen before or since with a free form that appears to be totally sculptural but is infact a functional console.

Signed PE72 TPGF (PE for Paul Evans, 1972, TP is Tom Phillips and GF George Fry). Both Phillips and Fry finished pieces at the Evans Studio.  Triple signed by the artist and the artist’s assistants. From the original owner.

48” H x 72” W x 19” D

Similar examples illustrated: Jeffrey Head, “Paul Evans: Designer & Sculptor”, Schiffer Publishing, 2012, 59.

Todd Merrill and Julie Iovine, eds. “Modern Americana: Studio Furniture from High Craft to High Glam.” New York: Rizzoli, 2008, 110-111.

Constance Kimmerle, ed. “Paul Evans Crossing Boundaries and Crafting Modernism”. James A. Michener Art Museum and Arnoldshe Publishers, 2014, 27. (for an example of the Kravitz console)



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