Paul Evans, Unique Studio Steel Disc Bar, USA, 1968

Paul Evans, Unique Studio Steel Disc Bar, USA, 1968

Paul Evans, Unique Studio Steel Disc Bar, USA, 1968

This powerful wall-mounted sculpture and bar is the first ever Disc Bar created by Paul Evans. Signed and dated 1968, it is the very piece that inspired his Disc Bar series for Directional, which was arguably the most iconic of his designs. That this sublime and steel Disc was the first of all those that followed renders it at the top level of the artist’s collectible work.
A unique studio creation, the Disc Bar incorporates an outstanding 3-4″ deep sculpted steel spiral uniting the two doors; all parts are embedded with steel “rock” and then gooped with resin and hand-sculpted.
Closed, the piece is dynamic and sensational sculpture.  Opened, the two doors reveal a wall-mounted case and bar with a red striated interior,  two sculpted bronze cabinets, and a drawer. The interior sculpted surfaces themselves are each beautiful enough to hang as singular pieces.
The whole piece is finished in an atomized bronze with a carbon patina. This technique, developed by the Evans Studio, is known as “Sculpted Bronze” and is the basis for Evan’s Directional series of the same name.
The Disc bars created for Directional were more commercially viable,  produced without the sculpted steel spiral, which this current piece features. The care, time, and workmanship put into this piece is evident in its construction and detail; it took five men to make it with Evans, including Dorsey Reading, Foreman of Paul Evans Studio, who welded the metal spiral to Evans’ specifications, George Fry who gooped it and sculpted the resin, Tom Phillips who applied the bronze, and James & Melvin Lee who finished it. At the time this was made all of these men were in their 20s and the piece perfectly conveys and reflects the trippy, heady moment of the late 1960s in which it was made.
Authenticated by Dorsey Reading. Signed and dated by Paul Evans.
Dimensions: 72″ diameter, 18.5″ deep



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