Amy Cushing, Light & Shade, UK, 2018

Amy Cushing, Light & Shade, UK, 2018

Amy Cushing, Light & Shade, UK, 2018

Amy Cushing’s inspiration for Light & Shade came from studying the geometric angles of California artist, Helen Lundeberg’s abstract paintings from the 1950’s – 70’s. As Cushing spent many years in Los Angeles as a child, the high contrast and clarity of light in Lundeberg’s Southern Californian subject matter is nostalgic for her.

Having largely trained in mixed media at art school, Cushing decided to re-visit this limitless process, creating 3-dimensional wall pieces, which developed from drawings. She describes her process of this work as “playing with long cast light shadows with glass, and often visually abstracting these and storing them in [her] mind’s ‘library’.”

The acute and obtuse angles of Light & Shade create striking precise compositions, while also creating negative spaces and niches for Cushing’s kiln-formed glass inclusions. The precious and reflective quality of rich metallic glass and mirror is contrasted with larger areas of matte painted acrylic and gesso. Light & Shade has a controlled palette to depict light and shade, allowing them to simultaneously appear beautifully as a set, and also as five individual works, as each is completely unique from the other.

Color sequence is also fundamental to Cushing’s artistic process, as she is attuned to the strong emotions that colors evoke. Her works weave color with mesmerizing effect, conveying a sense of energy, rhythm, and harmony.

As the artist is available on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Medium: Mixed media wall sequence, plywood, acrylic, gesso, handmade glass, mirror

Dimensions: 19.5” H x 15” W, 49.53 H x 38.1 W cm

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