Amy Cushing, NHS Redwoods Hospital, UK, 2013

Amy Cushing, NHS Redwoods Hospital, UK, 2013

Amy Cushing, NHS Redwoods Hospital, UK, 2013

After being invited to submit a design for a work of art that would decorate the main entrance of the NHS Redwoods Hospital, Cushing was selected among hundreds of artists as the winner. When designing the focal piece of this hospital, Cushing found it important that the artwork be reflective of the area and its residents. After conducting research at the nearby Shropshire Hills, Cushing created a stylized panoramic painting of the hills. Using the colors of the area’s yellow rapeseed fields and stormy skies as the basis of her work’s color palette, Cushing created an abstract representation of the landscape in glass.

Cushing has gained international acclaim for her large-scale, site-specific installations of handmade colored glass. After studying an eclectic array of disciplines at the Chelsea School of Art and Design in London, Cushing focused her attention on public art, specializing in architectural ceramics and glass. She currently creates custom glass installations for private and commercial spaces.

Each site-specific glass installation is developed considering its relationship with its environment. Color sequence is also fundamental to Cushing’s artistic process, as she is attuned to the strong emotions that colors evoke. Her suspended works weave color with mesmerizing effect, conveying a sense of energy, rhythm, and harmony. They hang with a sense of fragility, their slight movement adding an ethereal quality. Accents of precious metal gilding are used to catch and refract even more ambient light, adding a new dimension to the glass installations.

With extensive experience working in a variety of disciplines, Cushing has confidently crossed over to luxury product development.

As the artist is available on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Dimensions: 197” Diameter, 500.3 cm Diameter

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