Annie Legault, Luzule, CA, 2023

Annie Legault, Luzule, CA, 2023

Annie Legault, Luzule, CA, 2023

Annie Legault has been specializing in handcrafted functional artwork since 2013. “High on concept, low on technology” is an apt description she uses to explain her meticulous technique. Legault deftly brings the art of weaving and macramé, previously synonymous with the craft resurgence of the mid 20th century, into a contemporary arena, combining elements of fine art, design, and traditional craft techniques. She interprets lamps, sculptures, and everyday objects with her unique artistic perspective, primarily utilizing organic fibers like jute and cotton in neutral tones, connecting her contemporary approach to the natural world.

The core theme that permeates Legault’s work is “protection,” a concept she explores to counterbalance the sometimes harsh and cold nature of our universe. “The concept behind the work was to counter the darkness and the cold, hence my choice to work with lighting and natural, warm materials,” says Legault. Her approach focuses on the evocation of atmospheres of warmth, luminous textures, and material poetry, aiming to integrate her vision into everyday life. 

Legault describes her works as visual poetry, explaining, “Fiber is a communication vehicle. Organic textiles weave links between thought and creativity. It is in itself a language tool. I find romantic the idea that the pencil line is embodied by the rope, by the textile. Language becomes material. Isn’t that poetry?”

For Legault, her journey as a full-time artist took an unexpected turn. While completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Canada, one of her large-scale conceptual installations displayed in Old Montreal garnered significant attention, catapulting her interest in fiber arts into a celebrated career.

With her commissioned works on a grand scale, each piece is designed to suit a specific location, meticulously crafted within the confines of predetermined parameters dictated by the environment. Legault specializes in creating “ambiance.” Her works have been commissioned for various settings, including residential spaces, commercial establishments such as restaurants and hotels, bars, and even large ephemeral artistic events, such as music festivals.

Her work is in the collection of Ivanhoe Cambridge, Eaton Centre, Montreal, QC and the Musee des Metiers d’Arts du Quebec, Montreal, QC

White Cotton

92h x 25w x 25d in
233.68h x 63.50w x 63.50d cm

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