Jeremy Dean, American Pride, USA, 2018

Jeremy Dean, American Pride, USA, 2018

Multi-disciplinary artist Jeremy Dean has built a large following for his evocative works that explore the ideals and shortcomings of the American dream. Combining sculpture, assemblage and fiber arts, Dean deconstructs and recontextualizes iconic symbols of social, political, and economic power to address the political and cultural issues that both unite and divide us. For over a decade he has been unweaving the American flag string by string, and reweaving the threads individually, each held by a single needle, into new compositions that reflect various states of the American experience. This poetic gesture began as an artistic response to social upheaval, and over time has become a highly considered series that builds on the work of masters such as Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg, David Hammons, the color theory of Joseph Albers, and the weavings of Anni Albers.

Dean remarks, “I believe in the power of hand crafted objects – that through a rigorous process the artist’s hand can transform material, changing the narrative of familiar things into something beautifully unexpected, allowing us to see ourselves and our world in a different way – if art has any power, I believe this is it.”

Works like “American Pride” and “Executive Order” redefine America’s definitive symbol of freedom by intertwining it with flags representing marginalized groups, such as immigrants and the LGBT community. The dual patterns converge into a diaphanous hybrid emblem that proffers a new, inclusive ideation for the “fabric of America,” one with respect for diverse ideas, cultures, and norms.

Though born in Lubbock, TX, Jeremy Dean was raised in the jungles of Central and South America and the Pacific islands where he was immersed in indigenous cultures and globally connected ideals. This lead to a broad based, multidisciplinary approach to art making that provokes social awareness and shared responsibility.

Dean received his BFA from Flagler College and attended an intensive film program before embarking on the six year journey of creating the truly independent feature film Dare Not Walk Alone which received numerous awards and a theatrical release. He was inducted into the Writers Guild of America 2008 and was recently given a special film screening at BAM. He has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in galleries, museums, and art fairs including solo shows at 21c Museum, Louisville KY and Angela Lee Contemporary, Hong Kong. Collections include: 21c Museum, Priztker Collection, New York Public Library-Prints collection, University of Maryland and numerous private collections. He has been an artist in Residence at Emmanuel College (Social Justice) Boston, Mass. and at Anderson Ranch in Aspen, CO (Sculpture) and upcoming fellow at MacDowell Colony, and a Keyholder resident at Lower East Side Printshop NY, and resident at Sculpture Space in Utica, NY.

His independent feature film Dare Not Walk Alone (2006), received numerous awards, a theatrical and TV release and special screenings at The King Center, the Skirball Center, and Brooklyn Academy Of Music (BAM).  He is the recipient of the Independent Southern Filmmakers Tour award and nominated for an NAACP Image Award. He was inducted into the Writers Guild of America 2008.

Medium: Flag, needles
Dimensions: 35″H x 35″ W

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