Joanna Manousis, Opal Luna, USA, 2017

Joanna Manousis, Opal Luna, USA, 2017

Joanna Manousis, Opal Luna, USA, 2017

Opal-Luna is comprised of 6 glass segments held with claw settings that take on the formation of a luminescent droplet. Cast in opaline glass, the opacity of the opal gradually shifts from a clear to opaque linearly from top to bottom. The silhouette of a crescent moon can been seen in the lower 5 sections of the piece. Opals are considered water stones and are closely connected to the tides, thus a rippling, moon-like surface can be seen within.

Opal-Luna represents the culmination of several months of studio-practice research. I conducted a series of 20 tests using an opaline glass that changes its color saturation based on the length of time it is held at a developing temperature of 1225F / 663 C. Small opaline castings (3x5cm) were held from 15 minutes to 200-hours at this advancing stage, creating a varied spectrum of hues. The segments that comprise Opal-Luna were cast in 4 separate firings, each differing in its developing hold duration in order to present distinct opacity shifts in the finished sculpture.

Materials: Negative-Core Cast / Hand Polished Glass / Forged Aluminium

Dimensions: 25h x 11w x 3 1/2d inches

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