Molly Hatch, Echo, USA, 2017

Molly Hatch, Echo, USA, 2017

With Echo, artist Molly Hatch has developed a new approach to deconstructing historic patterning and surface through an installation of triangular shaped wall tiles that create a large scale, three-dimensional ceramic lenticular.

From the left perspective an 18th century Arcadian garden landscape from George-Louis Le Rouge’s “Jardin Anglo-Chinois, Details des Nouveaux Jardins a la Mode, 1784” reveals itself across the tiles. When viewed from the right perspective, a 17th century Iznic tile pattern is revealed in brilliant gold luster.  The floral pattern was inspired by from a Turkish Tile Panel in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The tiles used in this panel are products of the Iznik kilns. The ceramic workshops of Iznik began producing ceramic tiles for the Ottoman court in the early part of the sixteenth century. Iznik tiles such as these still enliven the walls of mosques and palaces throughout Istanbul.

The dual composition of historic pastoral rendering and traditional pattern work echo each other in this new and exciting wall installation.

Materials: 50 cast porcelain tile bricks hand painted with underglaze, glaze and gold luster

Measurements: 64” H by 69 “ W by 3” D

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