Molly Hatch, Render: Lyon Silk Dots, USA, 2013

Molly Hatch, Render: Lyon Silk Dots, USA, 2013

Molly Hatch, Render: Lyon Silk Dots, USA, 2013

In an effort to claim the functional surface of a plate as a painting surface, Render was made sourcing works belonging to the textile collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

By reinterpreting historic fabric patterns on the ceramic surfaces of a group of plates, Render becomes an exploration of the relationship between the historic and the contemporary. Through shifts in scale, color and context, the compositions of the plates both abstract and highlight aspects of the original textile patterns. The work reawakens interest in the historic through 21st-century aesthetic choices.

In the past decade, the name Molly Hatch has become synonymous with contemporary ceramics. Hatch’s ceramic installations, inspired by historical decoration, have been exhibited and collected all over the world and garnered her a loyal and fervent following. Todd Merrill Studio has represented Hatch since 2013.

As Hatch works on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Medium: Porcelain Plates

Dimensions: 30” H x 28” W x 2” D, 76.20 H x 71.12 W x 5.08 D cm

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