Sophie Coryndon, Adams Vine, UK, 2017

Sophie Coryndon, Adams Vine, UK, 2017

Adams Vine is made up of cast brass, gilded husks strung on brass wire and trained up an interior wall in Classical Rococo style. Shown here as a small example, the composition of Adam’s Vine is versatile and is very much a site specific piece. It can be trained up a vertical interior wall, across a ceiling or floor or suspended within a framework to create a division of internal space.

The piece was inspired by the 18th century Neoclassical designer and architect, Robert Adams who was described in his obituary as, “a genius in elegant ornament.” The Adams style incorporated elements of classical Roman design alongside Greek, Byzantine and Baroque styles.

Adams Vine is the first in a series of Architectural Vines. The piece is available to commission with variations in scale, husk design and finish.

As Coryndon works on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Medium: Cold and Hot Cast Brass, 22ct Latin Gold, Wire

Dimensions: 98.5” H x 88.5” W, 250.19 H x 224.79 W cm

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