Sophie Coryndon, Harvest Moon, UK, 2022

Sophie Coryndon, Harvest Moon, UK, 2022

Sophie Coryndon, Harvest Moon, UK, 2022

Hunter Moon, a large carved wall hanging, draws inspiration from the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries in the collection of the Musee de Cluny. Created in the 15th century, the tapestries, known as millefleurs (meaning a thousand flowers) were woven in many different workshops in Northern France and Flanders.

Coryndon’s magnificent work is adorned with hand-tooled flowers and insects that are cast and gilded before being arranged on a rich brown wood panel, giving the illusion of a floating orb.  The individually crafted flowers, leaves and insects are sculpted to mimic the goldwork embroidery commonly found in church vestments, military costume and wall hangings. The harvest moon, the full moon occurring at the start of fall or the autumnal equinox, is brought to life in the golds and tawny brown of the work.

Sophie Coryndon combines traditional decorative arts techniques with modern innovation. Material and process driven, she employs multiple disciplines including bronze casting, painting, embroidery, and sculpture to capture elements of the natural world, rooted in historical aesthetics. “Basically, I’m drawn to craftsmanship in any form, especially dying crafts,” says the artist, “But I like to take those things and re-imagine them.”

Inspired by close observation, Coryndon’s work illuminates what is often overlooked.  Her enthusiasm for the organic intricacies ever-present in the macrocosm drives her tenacious ambition to transfigure the microscopic into the monumental. This practice of maximalism fosters her desire to, as she states “take things further, make them larger, make them grander, right to the point of lunacy. Insane beauty is what I’m ultimately after.”

As Coryndon works on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Carton Pierre, brass pins, white and 23.5kt gold leaf, wood
78h x 87w x 5d in

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