Sophie Coryndon, Spitalfields, UK, 2018

Sophie Coryndon, Spitalfields, UK, 2018

Spitalfields, draws inspiration from sixteenth-century tapestries and intricate goldwork embroidery. The magnificent work is adorned with hand-tooled wild flowers and insects, cast in Jesmonite and gilded before being arranged on layers of anti-reflective glass giving the appearance of delicately floating ornamentation.  The ground of the work, made of crushed aluminum backed cotton and mounted on board has the appearance of softly aged parchment.

Spitalfields takes its inspiration from moth collecting, a cherished activity from Coryndon’s youth. A white sheet would be strung up in the garden on a summer night and illuminated by a strong light. Quickly it would attract a snowstorm of moths and insects, depicted here in moon gold amongst a swath of gilded wild flowers. The title “Spitalfields” references an area of London known historically for its links with the silk weaving industry and is synonymous with artists and craftspeople.

As Coryndon works on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Medium: Jesmonite, 12ct White Gold Leaf, Moon Gold, Aluminum-backed Cotton and Board

Dimensions: 49” H x 76 1/4 W x 3 1/2 D, 124.46 H x 193.68 W x 8.89 D cm

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