Sophie Coryndon, Tapestry, UK, 2016

Sophie Coryndon, Tapestry, UK, 2016

Tapestry, a large-scale wall hanging, is composed of three panels of layered plaster honeycomb, gilded and highly patinated.  The overlapping layers of the panels hang gently, emulating luxurious ornate textiles. At once colossal and delicate, Tapestry Triptych beautifully preserves the fragility of its source material. Coryndon became interested in bees after learning about the current global crisis facing the insects. In an effort to capture abandoned “ghost ship hives,” Coryndon employs the lost-wax method, an ancient and labor-intensive technique.

As Coryndon works on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Medium: Plaster, Resin and Gold Leaf

Dimensions: 48” H x 72” W, 121.92 H x 182.88 W cm

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