Timothy Horn, Polyp Series #2, USA, 2015

Timothy Horn, Polyp Series #2, USA, 2015

Timothy Horn, Polyp Series #2, USA, 2015

For the past decade, Horn has been inspired by two primary sources: 17th-century jewelry patterns by Gilles Legaré, court jeweler to Louis XIV, and 19th-century studies of organisms such as lichen, coral, and seaweed, found in zoologist Ernst Haeckel’s book Art Forms in Nature. The Polyp Series is inspired by the natural beauty of a sea fan. A polyp, in zoology, is one of two principal body forms occurring in members of the animal phylum Cnidaria. The polyp may be solitary, as in the sea anemone, or colonial, as in coral. Horn has fashioned a series of monumental polyp-like sculptures out of nickel-plated bronze from which he hangs teardrop-shaped globes of mirrored blown glass. “These pieces are hybrids: at once jewel-like but also crusty,” he explains. “It’s all about taking things out of context and putting them into my own context.”

Materials: Nickel-plated bronze, mirrored blown glass

Dimensions:30h x 9w x 6d inches

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