Timothy Horn, Stardust & Moonlight, USA, 2015

Timothy Horn, Stardust & Moonlight, USA, 2015

Timothy Horn, Stardust & Moonlight, USA, 2015

For the past decade, Horn has been inspired by 17th-century jewelry patterns by Gilles Legaré, court jeweler to Louis XIV.  Stardust and Moonlight continues Horn’s exploration of over-scaled sculptures referencing historic jewelry motifs.  Combining nickel-plated bronze with cast crystal “gems” and blown mirrored glass “pearls” the sculpture hangs like a monumental brooch. With a pop art sensibility, Horn’s works audaciously speak to the current obsession with excessive luxury simultaneously “winking to the audience.”

“Sparkling like gem-laden stomachers fashioned for a fairy-tale giant or standing their ground like delicate escapees from a fever dream, Timothy Horn’s bizarrely beautiful sculptures are baroque fantasias that the Australian-born, US-based artist has described as “taking objects from an historical realm and re-contextualizing them, using the language of the decorative arts,” states decorative arts authority, Mitchell Owens.

Materials: Nickel-plated bronze, foiled cast crystal, mirrored blown glass

Dimensions: 70h x 44w x 6d inches

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