Maximilian Magnus, Grateful, DE, 2017

Maximilian Magnus, Grateful, DE, 2017

Maximilian Magnus, Grateful, DE, 2017

Maximilian Magnus creates large, gestural images, with a strong focus on aesthetic composition and movement.  Having studied dance from a young age Magnus uses the powerful and broad movements of his body as an expression of emotion in transference onto the canvas. Lyrical and diaphanous, Magnus’ paintings are deeply layered giving the viewer a sense of looking through veils to untangle the markings beneath.
Maximilian Felix Magnus Schmidbauer (Maximilian Magnus) was born in the Bavarian countryside in 1984 to an accomplished family of scenic painters, sculptors and actors. Magnus trained as a set painter in Baden – Baden, Germanyand received an influential scholarship to travel and work at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, NY, USA in 2007. Upon his return to Germany, he took over his father’s prestigious business and founded the Academy of Scenic Painting & Arts, as well as the Children Arts Academy.

In 2009 Magnus was invited as the first artist in residence at Willem de Kooning’s Studio, where he also met and started working with Lisa de Kooning in order to firmly establish the AIR program.

Magnus’ work has been exhibited widely and internationally including at Biennale of Young Art, Moscow, 2010/ Musaramix Festival, Jerusalem, 2013/ Thresholds, Trafo, Stettin, Poland, 2013/ I’mpossible, CU1 Gallery Miami, Miami Art Basel, 2013/1 a Coletiva Experimenta, Galeria Lume, Sao Paulo, 2014/ Macrocosmi/ Patterns of a new Order, Berlin Art Week, Berlin, 2015.

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions: 106 x 78 inches

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