Przemek Pyszczek, Facade Painting VII, CA, 2019

Przemek Pyszczek, Facade Painting VII, CA, 2019

Przemek Pyszczek, Facade Painting VII, CA, 2019

Pyszczek’s vibrant Façade Paintings emulate the post-communist public murals superimposed on the prefab housing blocks that had been built to accommodate displaced people in the years after the second world war. After the fall of communism, the buildings were renovated with a skin of Styrofoam and stucco to address heating concerns. Graphic murals were painted on the sides of the buildings in somewhat ludicrous colors with deceptively pleasant, geometric themes, to mask the buildings’ austere origins.

Pyszczek’s painted Dibond panels are superimposed with white tubular frames.  The geometric frames are patterned after the omnipresent metal window security bars and railings traditionally found in Eastern Europe going back to communist times.

“People couldn’t readily import commercial products and so they had to rely on the limited amount of goods that could be imported from other communist countries or make things themselves,” says Pyszczek. “This person who’s not a designer or artisan, he’s just a metal worker, ends up expressing some innate creative impulse in this very practical task of making a railing or bars for a window.”

Through a lens of contemporary constructivism Pyszczek’s Façade Paintings represent an autobiographical homage to the culturally revisionist legacy of his native home.

Dibond, painted steel, acrylic paint
47 x 35 inches

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