Marc Fish, Ethereal Drinks Cabinet, UK, 2020

Marc Fish, Ethereal Drinks Cabinet, UK, 2020

Marc Fish, Ethereal Drinks Cabinet, UK, 2020

Marc Fish’s Ethereal Series, was born out of an exploration to develop new, innovative techniques for combining resin with his signature wood laminations, Fish has created a revolutionary material that allows light to pass through poured and carved resin. Reflecting off of the paper-thin wood veneers, the light takes on different shades, manipulated by the fluctuating spaces between the laminations. The effect is that of a constantly shifting, illuminated surface quality.

Ever inspired by elements of the natural world, Fish’s Ethereal Series mimics the delicacy of leaf structures with their complicated system of midribs and veins. The structure of the consoles have a ribbon-like delicacy that betrays their structural integrity. Fish’s dramatic sculptural Ethereal Series is a testament to the maker’s ingenuity and imagination.

The fascinating eliptical Ethereal Drinks Cabinet is confounding for both its construction and its strong sense of aliveness. Visually it makes vague suggestions of any number of natural elements; a seed pod, flowing water, topogrophy, or quite literally stratum, the layers of rock that form the earth. Fish’s dynamic contradiciton of taking rigid materials (wood, metal, resin) and making them appear to float effortlessly is prevalent throughout his Ethereal Series. It is easy to forget that this is not just a beautiful harmonious object. The cabinet doors gently separate, reveallying six formed shelves to hold glasses, bottles, and bareware. An accompanying bar console is evocative in its sense of motion, as if it is physically stretching open, supported only by a graceful twisted leg. Fish is unrivaled in his mastery over the use of resin and wood.
Custom designs may be requested.

Medium: Sycamore, Acrylic

Dimensions: 27.50h x 67w in // 69.85h x 170.18w cm

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