Marc Fish, Copper One Piece Console, UK, 2020

Marc Fish, Copper One Piece Console, UK, 2020

Marc Fish, Copper One Piece Console, UK, 2020

Marc Fish’s One Piece Console is the latest created in the artist’s unique One Piece series, wherein the artist explores the positive and negative space that a single piece of wood can occupy. Evocative of human forms, the console showcases Fish’s incredible mastery of today’s most refined practices in micro stack-lamination, which implement cold carving rather than heat. The table is made from nearly 100 pieces of oak timber, manipulated into shape, hand-carved, and sand blasted to bring out a highly textured grain. Resin and copper are used to create the exquisite metallic surface that follows the console’s curves. At once unique sculpture and functional console with a 16″ deep shelf, the sinuous and delicate object embodies a seemingly organic form while revealing the artist’s hand at work.

Custom designs may be requested.

Medium: Bleached and sandblasted oak with copper finish

Dimensions: 38h x 63w x 16d in // 96.52h x 160.02w x 40.64d cm

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