Vikram Goyal, El Dorado Console, IN, 2020

Vikram Goyal, El Dorado Console, IN, 2020

Vikram Goyal, El Dorado Console, IN, 2020

Celebrated for his exquisite modern masterpieces that sit distinctly between furniture design and sculpture, New Delhi-based Vikram Goyal’s bold brass El Dorado Console, blends a modern sense of drama and opulence with elements of Indian cultural heritage. The multiple layers and traveling lines that comprise El Dorado’s contoured surface evoke, as Goyal explains, “a lost land” from which the console gets its name.  Beyond traditional Indian motifs, Goyal’s visual lexicon borrows from a multitude of influences from brutalist architecture, 1970’s funk, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau. El Dorado is commissionable in a variety of finishes.

Goyal grew up in New Delhi, India’s heritage-rich capital. After studying engineering and abroad, in 2000 he returned to India, starting his own design practice. Though his initial designs were heavily indebted to Indian aesthetics and traditional motifs, with elements of Mughal architecture as well as geometric and floral patterns common in Tantric Imagery, eventually Goyal’s inspiration widened, incorporating global and historical influences.

Throughout Goyal has been committed to preserving and promoting the indigenous techniques and heritage of India with a focus on responsible practices. He is the recipient of multiple design awards. In 2019, the Bikaner House, the New Delhi’s cultural hub, mounted a fifteen year retrospective of Goyal’s work. There is a tremendous quality to Goyal’s works that informs their own commanding awesomeness, but that is never at the expense of spirited playfulness. What may be bold and monolithic is equally exuberant and fluid. It is specifically this tight-rope act that makes Goyal part historian, part alchemist, and part master artist.

Medium: Brass

Dimensions: 37″ H x 102.50″ W x 17″ D in, 93.98h x 260.35w x 43.18d cm

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