Charles Haupt, Tropism Mensa Altum, RSA

Charles Haupt, Tropism Mensa Altum, RSA

Blending both art and design, his limited-edition design pieces take influence from Cape Town’s blurring line between urban developments and natural organic forms. Hauplt comments ‘I’m a great lover of functional design, yet also have a lot of respect for sculptural art. So, I decided to combine the two.’

Charles Haupt is an industrial designer based in Cape Town. He is part of the design team, Bronze Age, a design studio that uses both modern fabrication and traditional bronze sculpture-casting techniques. Blending sculpture and design, Haupt is always looking for the underlying geometry in the chaos that is nature.  Utilizing ancient techniques of both lost wax and sand casting, the results yield magical, humorous, and elegant collectible works of art and design.

Edition: 1/8

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 32” H x 16” W x 16” D, 81.28 H x 40.64 W x 40.64 D cm

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