Brecht Wright Gander, True Jelly of the Beast Bar Cabinet, USA, 2018

Brecht Wright Gander, True Jelly of the Beast Bar Cabinet, USA, 2018

Brecht Wright Gander, True Jelly of the Beast Bar Cabinet, USA, 2018

NYC based artist Brecht Gander experiments with unique materials and textures to create bespoke works of functional sculpture.  His monumental bar cabinet, titled True Jelly of the Beast, stands like a commanding domed obelisk. A mad cross between the Duomo Fiore and Elsworth Kelly’s “Austin”, the corrugated structure is finished with a hand-applied, black, fortified paper-pulp that is both rough and refined. Two doors open to reveal three generous brass shelves, each illuminated with hidden LEDs. The gold leaf dome is also illuminated, giving the cabinet a surprisingly opulent look that contrasts the exterior’s brutalist facade. As a bar cabinet or curio True Jelly of the Beast is unique statement of contemporary design.

Gander treats functionality as a ground for aesthetic play. His wide-ranging curiosity fuels his research-driven practice. With unyielding confidence Gander engages a multitude of unconventional materials in ways which cause them to spark, become molten, desiccate, oxidize, exhale and twist.  He describes his unique works as “a culmination of many collisions.”

Produced through experiment and experience, his sculptural works often hide their functionality on first appearance. “Structurally balanced, architectural, a bit dramatic — I didn’t do much but translate this into different materials and finishes,” he says.

With a BA from Skidmore in foundational philosophy and years of experience working for firms focused on high-end design and build outs, Gander launched his own studio in 2017 to fully explore his intrepid approach to conception. Since then his truly unique, hand-made designs have succeeded in gaining attention, whether it be shock, awe, or admiration.

Gander has been featured in Sight Unseen, Apartment Therapy, Design Milk, and the New York Times.  In addition, Gander was a finalist for “Emerging Designer of the Year” in 2018 at NYCxDesign.

brass, steel, magnets, gold leaf, plaster, paper, LEDs

104h x 40w in
264.16h x 101.60w cm

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