Marc Fish, Ethereal Series Chair, UK, 2019

Marc Fish, Ethereal Series Chair, UK, 2019

Marc Fish, Ethereal Series Chair, UK, 2019

After a much lauded showing at Design Miami 2018 where Marc Fish’s debuted his Ethereal Desk, Fish will be showing the next in his Ethereal Series – The Ethereal Chair.

Ever inspired by elements of the natural world, Fish’s Ethereal Series mimics the delicacy of leaf structures with their complicated system of midribs and veins. The structure of the consoles have a ribbon-like delicacy that betrays their structural integrity.  Fish’s masterful composition of  creates the illusion of sloping surface despite being perfectly level.

In an exploration to develop new, innovative techniques Fish has pushed the limits of twenty-first century furniture design. Renowned furniture maker John Makepeace states, “In the Ethereal Series, Marc Fish has raised his practical and material virtuosity to an extraordinary new level. The blend of materials in the surface is especially beguiling.”

As Fish only creates a few select designs per year, his work is in high demand. Custom designs and finishes may be requested.

Medium: Sycamore, Acrylic

Dimensions: 31” H x 25” W x 23 1/2” D, 78.74 H x 63.50 W x 59.69 D cm

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