Marc Fish, Stratum Resin Cabinet, UK, 2020

Marc Fish, Stratum Resin Cabinet, UK, 2020

Marc Fish, Stratum Resin Cabinet, UK, 2020

The Stratum Cabinet, takes its inspiration from the layers of sedimentary rock (strata) that form the Earth’s surface. Strata are typically seen as bands of different colored material exposed in cliffs, road cuts, quarries, and river banks. In his studio, translucent cast resin is colored and carved to mimic the parallel layers of strata. Most surprising and astonishing is the fact that the cabinet is composed enirely of resin, from the body, to the doors, and even the hinges.

Stratum was born from a desire to truly embrace a broader pallet of materials. While Fish has been making pieces primarily out of laminated wood veneer slices for the last decade, in that time he has also developed many unique techniques of mixing materials. It was this process that of experimentation that presented the challenge to focus his aesthetic on a piece made entirely of resin, the first of its kind.

Custom designs may be requested.

Medium: Resin

Dimensions: 27.50h x 67w x 16d in // 69.85h x 170.18w x 40.64d cm

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