Markus Haase, Bronze and Onyx Circlet Chandelier II, USA, 2019

Markus Haase, Bronze and Onyx Circlet Chandelier II, USA, 2019

Markus Haase, Bronze and Onyx Circlet Chandelier II, USA, 2019

Haase’s latest group of lighting design, The Circlet Series, employs fresh and innovative design techniques while taking visual clues from his earlier hand-carved, laminated marble sculptures.  Markus began carving his own stone sculptures long before he contemplated making functional design. His stone sculptures incorporate sensuous forms with abstracted vision inspired by Brancusi. With a strong focus on asymmetry, Hasse creates faceted structures that catch and reflect light while seeming to defy gravity with a surprising weightlessness.  His unique lighting designs begin with a hand-carved model, which Haase then casts in his studio, using a self-developed technique.  Stone – onyx or alabaster – is hand-carved with undulating lines mimicking the bronze “setting” of the work while diffusing dimmable LEDs.  The ethereal glow of his jewelry-like fixtures is unparalleled in today’s diverse market of art and design.  The series includes bespoke chandeliers and sconces.

In 2013, Markus Haase formally launched his first series of sculptural furniture exclusively with Todd Merrill Studio. Since then, his work has attracted the attention of designers, critics, and collectors worldwide. Haase has been exhibited at prestigious art fairs including The Salon: Art + Design in New York; Collective Design in New York; the Pavilion of Arts and Design in Paris, London, and New York; FOG: Design + Art in San Francisco; and Spring Masters in New York.

Haase refined his sculpting practice studying under Europe’s preeminent masters of stone carving, restoring centuries-old Gothic cathedrals across Northern Germany for over a decade. These experiences, combined with his fresh and impressive eye for design, allow Haase to create his dynamic, expressive works. Haase demonstrates his sculpting virtuosity through his designs that imbue wood and stone with a remarkable sense of fluidity and movement. Carved wood assumes qualities of drapery, while marble suggests energy and vigor. His dynamic sculptural lighting defines a new artistry for the twenty-first century. As Todd Merrill describes, “Markus Haase is not making a piece of furniture that looks like art… He is a sculptor making art that serves functional ends.”

As Haase works on a commission basis, custom designs may be requested.

Medium: Bronze, Onyx, LEDs

Dimensions: 40” H x 30” W x 32” D, 101.60 H x 76.20 W x 81.28 D cm

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