Niamh Barry, Diving, IRE, 2017

Niamh Barry, Diving, IRE, 2017

Composed of Barry’s signature hand-formed rings, Diving is a sinuous, glamorous suspended sculpture that floats like a three dimensional drawing. Barry’s signature curvilinear forms feature hand-cut opal glass tiles that cover strips of LED lights that emit a warm glow. Diving not only exudes the effect of motion, but also elicits the viewer’s own movement in order to enable the full experience of the piece from various vantage points.

Since the beginning of her artistic career with Todd Merrill Studio in 2012, Barry has risen to prominence in the art and design world, becoming one of the most sought-after figures working in LED light sculptures today. Barry has been profiled in Architectural Digest, Modern Magazine, Galerie Magazine, the Financial Times and was the recipient of the 2017 Award for Best Lighting in Image Interiors and Living Magazine.

In 2017 Barry was commissioned by the Central Bank of Ireland to create a monumental work referencing the Broighter Boat and its historical importance. Most recently Barry was selected by the National Museum of Ireland to create a monumental commission that will be part of the museum’s permanent collection. A survey exhibition of her work will be mounted at the museum in 2018.

Todd Merrill Studio is Niamh Barry’s sole representative in the United States.

Custom works may be commissioned.

Dimensions: 58.25″ H x 42.5″ W x 71.25″ D

Materials: Hand-formed Mirror Polished and Patinated Bronze, Opal Glass, LEDs

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