Wendell Castle, Tri-Hard Floor Lamp, USA, 1993

Wendell Castle, Tri-Hard Floor Lamp, USA, 1993

Wendell Castle, Tri-Hard Floor Lamp, USA, 1993

Father of the art furniture movement, Wendell Castle was a sculptor, designer, and educator for more than four decades, influencing the art and design world with his graceful and whimsical pieces. His work has led to the development of handcrafted, modern designer furniture as a major art form and his name is revered above all others in the field. His bold pieces are crafted from rare and beautiful hardwoods, plastics, veneers, and metals in a timeless contemporary style. His expression of color and exotic materials are synonymous with the Wendell Castle name.

The Tri-Hard Lamp featured Castle’s classic “pod” shaped legs rendered in carved and polychromed wood. The hammered copper shade has a subtle, aged patina that compliments the slightly incised carving of the base. The bold, biomorphic form is as much freestanding sculpture as it is a functional lamp.

The work is signed and dated and has been published in Emily Evans Eerdmans, Wendell Castle: A Catalogue Raisonné 1958-2012, 2014, p. 289, no. IV.163

Medium: Carved and polychromed wood, hammered and painted copper

Dimensions: 64 h x 36 w in

Good Condition, carved signature and date.

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