Knox Martin, Woman Looking, USA, 2005

Knox Martin, Woman Looking, USA, 2005

Knox Martin, Woman Looking, USA, 2005

In 1954, Knox Martin’s professional career took off when Franz Kline selected one of his paintings for inclusion in the Stable Gallery Annual. Dealer Charles Egan took note of Martin’s painting at the Stable Gallery and invited the artist to produce a one-man exhibition at his eponymous gallery. For a 1954 New York Times review of the show at the Charles Egan Gallery, Stuart Preston wrote the following: “It is in his ecstatic pen and brush drawings of women that Martin shows himself to be a draftsman of exceptional power and assurance; some are hastily done, but even the most lively scribbles throb with a particular intensity, both visual and sensational, that causes one to remember that Spanish warmth counts a lot for him, and that the blood of Goya is in his veins.”

Throughout his career, Martin has enjoyed praise from critics and collectors alike. His works have been placed in over forty important museum collections in the United States and abroad. Additionally, Martin has been commissioned for several large-scale mural projects. Woman Looking is part of a series of works whose compositions allude to the female form. The work, predominantly rendered in soft pastel hues, is peppered with highlights of vivid red to underscore its playfulness and vigor.

Dimensions: 24” H x 19” W

©Knox Martin/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

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